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The Biting Ritual Part 2
By Invisabella

…Marshall lee Bites fionna’s neck)

Fionna: Ouch ow ow, Cut it out!

(Marshall lee turns around gargles and swishes a suspicious blue liquid from a mysterious bottle then spits it out behind the couch, then turns back around and grabs cake.)

Marshall lee: Alright kitty Your turn! I’m Ready for some Cake

Cake: Woah Woah, Wait a minuet I change my mind! Please!

(Marshall lee picks up cake as she squirms around in his arm, Marshall lee bites cake)

Cake: (Meows in Pain)

Marshall Lee: (Evil laugh) Yummy, Arighty. All done

(Gabby, Wally, and Beebee all Gasp. Marshall lee sips a mysterious bottle back in his pocket.)

Gabby: Dude what did you do? Now were stuck with them for all eternity!

Beebee: Yeah! Yeah!

Marshall Lee: Relax guys, (Marshall lee takes out the bottle) See this bottle? Temporary Venom, I gargled some in the kitchen before I bit fionna and alittle more before I bit cake. It should wear off in a few hours. But lets just have alittle fun until then.
Wally: Oh will have fun alright.

Beebee: Yeah, yeah

Gabby: Heheeehheee

Marshall Lee: So How do you guys feel?

Fionna: I feel Cold, but Warm at the same time. Weird.

Cake: Glob that hurt

Beebee: Don't you feel a little thirsty...for blood?

Cake: (moaning) no but I’m Nauseous.

Fionna: Woah(Fionna’s sight becomes blurry and red, then becomes clear again) Vampire eyes? Math! Cake did you see that?

Cake:See what?

(Marshall Lee and his ghostly buddies are all snickering in the background.)

Fionna: (gasps) Oh no. Cake. Now we're gonna have to drink blood forever.

Cake: (gasps) Yeah, what if we turn bad? I'll have to start wearing perfume.

(Marshall lee floats by, carrying two Cherries on a stem.)

Marshall lee: Chill, girls. You can satisfy your bloodlust without killing. Look. (He tosses the Red cherry in his mouth and drains the red from the Cherry until it is pale then sticks it our on his tongue then spitting it out.) You just eat the color. Here, Cake. You try. (He tosses the other cherry to Cake.)

(Cake bites the cherry, but gets juice all over herself and Fionna..)

Fionna: Ugh. yuck.

Cake: Sorry, Sorry girl. (While Fionna and cake aren't looking, Marshall lee silently wraps his tongue around the cherry and slips it into his mouth then drains the red from the cherry and spits it back out in Cake's hands. After cake and Fionna finish wiping the juice off their faces, cake looks down and notices the now-pale fruit.) Sweet Babies! I’m a Vampire. (Cake Squishes the pale fruit between her hands.)

Fionna: Whooooa... Marshall lee, can we float now?

Marshall lee: Mhmm...but not yet. I’ll teach you that later. First, you gotta go through vampire orientation.

Gabby: Heheeehheh...

(Everyone else glares at Gabby. Her cheeks flush.)

Marshall Lee: Think you chicks can handle it?

Fionna: Bring it on Marshall! (Makes a hissing noise)
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...yeah dont over analyze it too much itll only look stupider, sorry this part was kinda dumb but it gets better i promise!

Well here ya go part 2! But its not over of course. Chapter Three will be posted soon if enough people Favorite it(That way i know if its good enough to keep going) so I hope you like it!

Original transcript: [link]
Watch it here: [link]
base image: [link]
See the image better here: [link]
Fionna - Finn
Cake - Jake
Marshall lee – Marceline
Wally - Wendy
Beebee - Booboo
Gabby – Gerogy
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