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Trial 3: Flight

Marshall lee: (gasps) W-wait! There's more beginner lessons you need to learn before floating. Like... uh... Necromancing the undead. See?

(Marshall summons the undead and ominous music plays)

Marshall lee:You can even teach them how to dance, its hilarious!

(Marshall commands the undead to do the Thriller dance then they sink back into the ground)

Fionna: No way.

Cake: Yeah were don-AHHHH!(The ghosts pick them up against there will and ghosts take them away. Marshall lee hisses in anger and floats after them.)

Marshall lee: You guys cut it out right now.

Gabby: Marshall lee, chill out. It's going to be okay. We've got a plan. (to Fionna and Cake) Now, get in your flying positions.

Fionna: Wait we haven't practiced that yet. Get us down!

Gabby: Oh ill get you down alright

(Gabby pushes them off the edge.)

Fionna and Cake: NOOOOOOO

Marshell lee: What are you guys waiting for? You said you had a plan.

Wally: We do. It's to let them die! (The ghosts start laughing.)

(Marshall lee is furious. His eyes blaze with rage. Then he dives off the edge after Fionna and Cake)

Fionna: (Falling) well good thing were vampires or we probably wouldn't survive this, huh cake?

Cake: Fifi your not gunna like what I'm about to tell you

(Marshall lee turns invisible, and Grabs fionna and cakes arms just before they land on some jagged glass at the bottom. Fionna yells on all the while. Marshall lee, still unseen, drops the two of them safely on the ground.)

Fionna: What? We did it? Woohoo! Awesome!... How did we do that exactly?

(Marshall lee turns visible again. The ghosts float up to him looking not to satisfied.)

Wally: Way to go, Marshall lee

Marshall Lee: Hey, you guys need to Leave my friends alone! Stop trying to kill them!

Beebee: They gotta die eventually.

Wally: Hey! Let's invite them to our place! When they show up...

Wally, Beebee and Gabby: We'll suck their guts out through their brains!

(Marshall lee and the ghosts float over to Fionna and Cake.)

Fionna: What the heck guys? We could have gotten hurt

Wally:. Yeah sorry about that we were so eager to see your new powers. but, you guys were pretty amazing.

Beebee: Hey, we're gonna throw a party... in honor of your new vampire skills and apologize for punching you around.

Fionna: Really? That pretty cool of you guys, thanks (Fionna picks up cake)

Marshall lee: They're lying to you guys. They just wanna suck the guts out of the top of your head.

Cake: (mutters to herself) Pfft Speaking of lying.

Ghosts: What?

Beebee: he's totally just jealous of you.

(Wally hands Fionna and Cake an envelope.)

Wally: We'll see you at midnight at our place. (The ghosts turn invisible. Fionna and Cake turn toward Marshall lee.)

Marshall lee: Guys, Don't go that party.

Fionna: we're not.

Marshall lee: You're not?

Fionna: No way those ghosts are crazy and I'm kinda tired from doing vampire stuff all day.

Marshall lee: Oh. Alright. Thats cool...

Fionna: Well, we're going back home.

Cake: Unless there's something you want to say Marshall.

Marshall lee: Um Yeah hover rest is gunna take a while getting used to but its pretty cool after that. you might not even hover the first time...(Mutters to self) or ever (nervous laughter)

Fionna: Sweet! (Fionna kisses Marshall lee on the cheek) Peace

Marshall lee: Yeah, peace (marshall lee waves as Fiona and cake walk away) I'm such a butt mess(Hangs head and sighs)
Yeah that thriller dance part was stupid but in my head sounded…stupid just like the rest of this….

Previous: [link]

Well here ya go chapter 5! But its not over of course. Chapter 6(THE LAST CHAPTER) will be posted soon if enough people Favorite it(That way ik if its good enough to keep going) so I hope you like it!

Warning: Fiolee content(moderately lightly?or lightly moderate...)

Original transcript:

Watch it here: [link]

base image: [link]
See the image better here: Coming soon(Probably not cuz this pictures crap)
Fionna - Finn
Cake - Jake
Marshall lee – Marceline
Wally - Wendy
Beebee - Booboo
Gabby – Gerogy

im gunna go eat spaghetti...bye

Trial 3: Flight
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